The Vibrant Living Program

The Vibrant Living Program

In just a short period of time you will be feeling:

and on your way to fabulous health!

THE VIBRANT LIVING Live Coaching Program is for you if:

You are ready for a change
• You can commit to doing the simple steps I tell you
• You are wanting to improve your health
• You have time to commit to our coaching calls.
• You are ready to commit to the full 8 weeks of plant based foods

You will see the results.


In The Vibrant Living Program…

Session 1. Weight and General Health

I can help you stabilize your weight and improve vibrancy.

  • Assessing where you are in life and how whole food, plant eating will help.
  • What is your relationship with food? Looking at habits, diets and 
what foods you can’t do without.
  • The benefits of keeping a Journal.
  • Have any fears? Now is the time to dispel them.
  • Just how are you going to replace the meat.

Session 2. Aging Gracefully and Essentials For Your Kitchen.

The fear of aging – now we begin the process to vibrancy.

  • Start the process by being organized and having the right tools for cooking.
  • Looking into your Pantry and Fridge.
  • Why the animal foods are aging you.
  • Looking at the foods that promote anti-aging.

Session 3 – What about Protein, Calcium and Iron?

Getting off the supplements and having the correct nutrition.

  • You will learn just how wonderful plant food is.
  • Discover the right proteins and where to get plenty of calcium.
  • Exactly why plant iron is better than animal iron.
  • No more supplements or over-the-counter medication!

Session 4 – Really Craving Certain Foods?

How to set yourself up to succeed.

  • Cravings are real! You will discover the easy way to deal with them.
  • Discover the how you can replace eggs.
  • Do you love cheese? This method makes it so easy to change.

Session 5 – Dealing With The Negativity.

Be empowered to defend your health choice.

  • Why do people think they know more about your nutrition than you do?
  • How to deal with friends and family.
  • How to deal with people when out and about.
  • I give you 4 tips that should help you deal with any situation.

Session 6 – Eating Out.

How to successfully manage the dining options.

  • Going to a cafe or restaurant.
  • Going to friends or family for dinner.
  • Having friends at your home.
  • What to do at functions if vegan is not catered.

Session 7 – Getting Serious About Aging Gracefully.

The secret to boosting your health.

  • The secret is out. You will learn how the small and often ignored, packs such a power punch.
  • It’s time to really ramp up the goodness.
  • Videos and PDFs will now be created just for you. Just tell me what you want.

Session 8 – Final Session ….

You’re on your way

  • All your questions will be answered.
  • You’ll be given your own personal Video and PDFs. These are designed just for you to keep you on track and sustaining the lifestyle that is helping you to keep healthy and age gracefully.

In this program you will receive:

8 private, recorded video calls




8 meal plans




8 PDF fact sheets




A copy of my “Clean Eating Nutrition Guide”




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allow 30 minutes.

It’s also about getting you fearless in the kitchen, swinging on the pantry door and knowing how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals using the ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge.

and How Do We Achieve This? ….. with:


With this program comes a bonus … “Cook With Me” where we are both cooking.
Designed to get you really, really comfortable and showing you how much fun you can have in the kitchen.
All you need is a laptop or tablet so we can cook together.
You can choose when you have this “Cook With Me” session during the program.

Just think how much fun you will have and how you will be able to ask me anything you like as we can chat together while we’re cooking.

Are you ready to discover exactly what’s on offer with
the Vibrant Living Program?